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Regional Activators Alliance - Regional Australia Institute

The Regional Activators Alliance (RAA) is a group of 41 regional stakeholders brought together by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) to help create its national awareness campaign aimed at driving population to the regions.

Launched on Wednesday 28 October 2020 by Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Michael McCormack, RAA members are at the forefront of this powerful national movement to change the narrative and show the rest of the country the opportunities available to live, work and invest in Regional Australia.

Activators will help co-create the campaign not only for the benefit of their region, but the nation as a whole.


Liveability Toolkit

Strengthening Liveability - A toolkit for Rural and Regional Communities looking to grow

This Toolkit has been developed in response to the growing need in regional communities to attract and retain populations. It builds on the Regional Australia Institute's research across rural and regional Australia on population mobility, regional jobs and liveability. It draws together insights from this work to create a practical guide for regional leaders who are seeking to attract and retain populations in their town.

The Toolkit recognises that Australia has a highly mobile population and that regional œliveability has a strong role to play in influencing people's decisions about where to live. This Toolkit is a guide to help regional leaders gather and analyse the data that can help them develop a tailored action plan to improve their town's liveability.

By developing a place-based Liveability Action Plan, regional towns can become more successful in attracting the people that they need for a strong and prosperous future. A deep understanding by regional leaders of the liveability factors of their town will also ensure that any future œmarketing of the town to attract new residents can be well-targeted.

The way the Toolkit has been designed allows regional leaders to address this issue in a manner which reflects the unique strengths, challenges and vision of their particular town.


Move to More Campaign

Everything you want and more

Regional Australia offers residents a life filled with time, space, career opportunities and meaningful community connections.

The Move to More' campaign has been developed to make those living in capital cities around the country more aware of the possibilities that come with a life in a regional town or city.



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