Regional Development Australia Goldfields Esperance


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Regional Development Australia (RDA) is an initiative of the Australian Government that aims to enhance the growth and development of regional areas by bringing together the three levels of government (Federal, State and Local) to provide a strategic and targeted response to issues in regional areas.

RDA Goldfields Esperance is one of 55 committees representing regional areas across Australia.

The Hon. Fiona Nash is the Minister for Regional Development.

The core role of RDA Goldfields Esperance is to build strong and effective partnerships with key stakeholders and work with them to provide a coordinated approach to address economic, environmental and social issues impacting on the region. To achieve this RDA Goldfields Esperance will:

  • Consult and engage with local communities and other stakeholders to identify, prioritise and find solutions to issues impacting on the region.

  • Contribute to informed regional planning.

  • Contribute to Government activities by providing information on regional issues and supporting the implementation of regional programs and initiatives.

  • Promote Government programs by creating awareness of services, grants and initiatives for regional development, and supporting stakeholders to gain access to these.

  • Support community and economic development through the identification of opportunities to diversify and expand industry and employment opportunities in the region.


WA RDA Network

In Western Australia the RDA network comprises eight regional RDA Committees.  The eight regional WA RDA Committees are non-profit community-based incorporated associations and their regions are based on the Western Australian Regional Development Commission regions:

A map of the WA RDA Committee boundaries can be found at:

RDA Chairs and members contribute their time and energy and have a personal commitment to working in partnership with all levels of government for the benefit of their local and regional communities.

Each RDA Committee receives funding from the Australian Government and uses these funds for approved committee projects, employing staff, undertaking administrative operations and to implement the RDA charter.