RDA Goldfields Esperance Committee

The committee of RDA Goldfields Esperance is comprised of volunteer members drawn from community, business, government and not-for-profit organisations across the region. The Chairperson is appointed by the Minister for Regional Development.

Our committee members have a broad and diverse skills base and bring leadership and experiences from a variety of backgrounds.


Chairperson: Lee Jacobsen, Kalgoorlie

Lee has lived in the region for over 20 years. She believes in being involved in the community and understands many of the challenges of living in the regions.

Lee owned and operated a retail business in Kalgoorlie-Boulder for 16 years. Following her appointment as the Business Local Advisor, Lee spent time travelling across our vast region working with other local businesses and has also lived in the Pilbara and Wheatbelt.

Lee has served the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry for over 5 years - 2 years as Vice President and 3 years as President. Lee was recently re-elected as a Management Member of the Executive Committe. Lee runs multiple businesses in the community and volunteers her time across a number of NFP's including her role as Treasurer of the Goldfields Giants


Priscilla Davies, Esperance

Priscilla has lived in Esperance for almost 30 years and has a passion for building capacity and connections in her regional area. She has been working with Horizon Power as their Retail and Community Manager working with communities, businesses and governments across the Goldfields Esperance region

Priscilla previously worked in local Government for 12 years and currently sits on the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Committee. Priscilla also held her own consultancy business for a number of years to support local businesses with strategic planning and resourcing and has an indepth understanding of the issues regional businesses face.

Priscilla is committed to seeing regional communities being given similar opportunities to urban areas and to identify ways to attract private and public investment for sustainable growth in the regions.


Patrick Hill, Laverton - Member for 10 years!

Patrick has been a valued member of our committee for over ten years. This voluntary committment to the Goldfields Esperance region was recognised with a special placque and gift presented to Patrick at a committee meeting in Norseman in 2022.

Patrick has lived in the Laverton area all his life as have three generations of Hill's before him after his predecessors arrived in the area in 1896. He is currently the President of the Shire of Laverton Council after first being elected as a Councillor in 1992 and serving 9 years as Deputy President. Patrick is passionate about Australia's Longest Shortcut, initiating the Outback Way Project at an ALGA conference in 1997. He is the Chairman of the Outback Highway Development Council lives in Laverton and is the Chairman of the Outback Highway Development Council.  


Donna Malec, Kalgoorlie

Donna moved to the Kalgoorlie region in the early 80's with her family and has lived here ever since. She is well known across the Goldfields Esperance region for her role with Artgold leading the Our GEMS (Goldfields Esperance Must See) project, which has recently wound up.

While claiming to not be arty herself, Donna is passionate about the arts and about the Goldfields Esperance region. She has a deep desire to see the region recognised for its importance and diversity and would love to see the region develop cohesiveness.


Shaun Meares, Esperance

Shaun is the Managing Director of Bluemar Consulting Engineers in Esperance. He is a Chartered Engineer with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Applied Thermodynamics. Shaun is also on the executive committee of the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition to practicing technical engineering, Shaun has project managed large economic developments in mining and agriculture in regional WA and NSW.

Shaun lives in Esperance with his wife, young son and assortment of goats, sheep, chickens and a super dog. He enjoys surfing, diving, fishing and jogging along the spectacular Esperance coast.


Peter Rampellini, Perth

Peter has recently relocated back to Perth after spending 4 years as the Local Content Adviser for the Goldfields-Esperance region. He continues working for the Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development (DPIRD) now in the role of Principal Rural Schemes Officer.

Peter has a background in grant administration, procurement, regional development, aviation and public transport. Peter is passionate about helping small to medium businesses in the region develop business opportunities, access support and connect with each other.


Shane Reilly, Norseman

A local resident, born in WA and raised in Kalgoorlie and on the Trans-Australian rail line, Shane has a firm commitment to the Goldfields Esperance Region and the communities within it.

Shane is a member of the ECCI, Norseman Men's Shed and Norseman Visitor Centre Inc and a local business owner in Norseman. Combining his Diplomas of Business Management and Competitive Manufacturing with over 35 years of practical business experience (in mining services, process control, maintenance, manufacturing and sales), Shane has enjoyed spending time travelling the region supporting and mentoring people to develop their business ideas.

Shane has a genuine respect for people and is passionate about helping clients to grow personally and financially.



Travis Tucker, Kalgoorlie

Travis lives in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and has strong connections to lore, culture and country, spanning across the Goldfields-Esperance and Nagaanyatjarra Lands regions. His passion lies with developing opportunities for Aboriginal people in these regions. Travis is a member of a number of Native Title/Future Acts Boards, managing native title land use negotiations and associated opportunities.

Travis started his own successful business in 2016, Tucker Dust & Diesel, with a vision which included providing appropriate, positive, and successful employment experiences for Aboriginal youth through professional employment opportunities, traineeships, mentoring, and apprenticeships.



Our Staff


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Peta Griffiths
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