Economic and Community Regional Data


Economic and Community Regional Data

RDA Goldfields Esperance have partnered with Goldfields Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils (GVROC) to build a cohesive story of the regional economy, how it is changing and how it compares to other regions through DataAU.

DataAU was developed to provide data interpretation, value, and insight for strategic community, economic development, and social infrastructure planning. DataAU is backed by over 400 socio-economic and demographic datasets, exclusive indicators, modelling tools and graphically designed reports that effectively communicate information and insights. This data repository is constantly expanding, with current datasets updated within two weeks of release from the primary source, and new datasets added where relevant. You can be confident about the quality of the information as it is derived from official sources and the most robust economic modelling, analysed and presented by experts. 

A limited amount of information has been made available as a public resource designed to be used by local government councils, community groups, investors, businesses, students and the general public, click here to view. Should you require further information or more detailed reports, please get in touch with us.


Economic Impact Modelling

RDA Goldfields Esperance can provide Economic Impact Modelling data which explores how changes in employment or output (sales) due to a new project, business or policy will impact on all other sectors of the economy. Run your economic shock' and observe the direct and flow-on impacts in terms of output, gross regional product, incomes paid to workers and jobs across 19-sectors and as specific as 114 sub-sectors.

This provides RDA Goldfields Esperance with powerful evidence to strategically target new industry sectors which are likely to have the greatest positive economic impact.

If you would like an Economic Impact Modelling report for a project you have in mind, please get in touch with us.


Event Impact Assessment

Events are important contributors to local and regional economies. A successful well-run event can provide significant value to an area by adding jobs and money to the local economy and providing additional cultural and social benefits. Alternatively, the wrong event may have considerable negative impacts such as a loss of money or reputation. An Event Impact Assessment can demonstrate the direct and flow-on economic impacts.

This calculator cannot predict which events will be successful, however it can indicate the potential economic impact a successful event may have across a range of economic measures such as output, employment, wages and salaries and local jobs. As events can also contribute to an area in other ways, such as socially, culturally and environmentally, it is import that other tools or methods are also use to evaluate the potential or benefit of an event.

If you would like an Event Impact Assessment for an event you are planning, get in touch with us.