Our Projects


Regional University Study Hub Survey

We are currently running this survey as part of our feasibility study into developing a Regional University Study Hub in the Goldfields Esperance Region. 

Please complete our survey here (Survey) or learn more here (RUCN)


Leadership Training Survey

We are currently running this survey to assist us with planning leadership training sessions to build capacity within our region.

We recently held a "Becoming an Inspiring Mentor" session which was well received.

Please complete our survey here (Survey


Neighbour Day 2023

We are pleased to support bringing the national Neighbour Day movement to the Goldfields Esperance region. We encourage everyone in our community to reach out to their neighbour(s) and plan a catch up on Sunday 26th March 2023.

Let us know if you and your neighbours hold an event!

Find out more here.



Our Town: Kalgoorlie Boulder

RDA Goldfields Esperance partnered with GABC, GEDC, Northern Star and Mineral Resources for a production of a local Our Town episode which aired on 7TWO on Sunday 26 February 2023.

You can watch the episode here.


Esperance Ravensthorpe Leadership Initiative

The new and improved Future Leaders Program took place in 2023.

To find out more click here.


Renewable Energy in the Goldfields Esperance Region

RDA Goldfields Esperance have partnered with the Goldfields Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils' (GVROC) Regional Climate Alliance Working Group to update a report which we produced back in 2013, the "Audit of Renewable Energy Projects". The report provides a context for renewable energy projects, profiling the current energy supply structure for the region and identifies both funding opportunities and key challenges.


Grant and Tender Writing Workshops

In February 2022 we worked together with Goldfields Esperance Development Commission to bring a series of workshops on Grant and Tender Writing to the region. For further information click here.


Future Leaders Program - Goldfields 2022 

The Future Leaders Program Goldfields was launched in September 2021 and concluded in October 2022.

This exciting initiative offered tremendous developmental opportunities to aspiring leaders in the Goldfields region and represented a direct investment in our future generation of leaders and ultimately contribute to enhancing long-term capabilities that benefit the region. 

For further information view here


Future Leaders Program - Esperance 2021

The Future Leaders Program was an exciting new program that ran in 2021 for young leaders in the Esperance and Ravensthorpe region. The program was designed to invest in the next generation of leaders by providing them with opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills to benefit our local region.





GFE Infrastructure Study 

Goldfields Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils: Infrastructure Strategy for Industry Growth Opportunities Identification Study.





Esperance Shearing School Pilot (Phase 2): Creating Training and Career Opportunities to address labour shortage.




Farm Gate Art Trail

RDA Goldfields Esperance partnered with the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council to work with the community to refresh the Ravensthorpe Farm Gate Art Trail. Some fantastic new pieces were created and added to the trail. There are some very talented people in Ravensthorpe - keep your eyes peeled the next time you are driving through the region!


Regional Activators Alliance

RDA Goldfields Esperance are part of the Regional Activators Alliance, which is a group of 37 regional stakeholders brought together by the Regional Australia Institute to help create a national awareness campaign aimed at driving population to the regions. We are creating a national movement to change the narrative and show the rest of the country the opportunities available to live, work and invest in Regional Australia.

To learn more visit the Regional Activators Alliance website.

Love Where We Live, Live Where We Love

Our Gems (Goldfields-Esperance Must-See) WA have launched a new song for the region which was proudly sponsored by RDA Goldfields Esperance.

The song is the brainchild of Our Gems WA Project Manager, Donna Malec. It was written by a local, Lynn Hazelton, sung by Chris Murphy and produced by Mark Donohue. The amazing film clip was created by Chuck Thomas of Remote Digital Imagery.

The lyrics and film clip highlight why people love being in the Goldfields Esperance region including tourist attractions and local favourite places and activities. You can watch the music video here